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I’m Kotton Grammer. If you don't know me, a quick Google search will show you that I’ve MASTERED free traffic over the past few years. In fact, I’ve boiled it all down into a select number of methods that work in any industry.

And now for the first time ever, I’m inviting a small handful of applicants into my inner-circle to show anyone who wants to learn, how I send legions of qualified visitors to my websites, for absolutely no-cost.

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When you join my Free Traffic coaching program, you get full and intimate access to me for 6 complete months. This isn’t just theory - I’ll show you what to do, how to do it, and why you should be doing it.

Bottom line: If you join this group & follow every step I give you, your eyes will be OPENED!

If you’re accepted, you’ll get access to my foundational Free Traffic training.

In the training, you’ll get everything I know about free traffic. It’s broken up into several modules, and after each section, you’ll be able to put these methods to use right away in your own business.

If you don't have a business yet - no problem. You’ll have everything needed to start one after this training.

Because Free Traffic Can Help You:

  • Build an Email List
  • Become an Affiliate Marketer
  • Start Your Own Consulting Agency (Get Clients)
  • Get Buyers to your eCom Store
  • Create & Sell Digital Products
  • Sell on Amazon
  • Become a LaunchJacker
  • Become a Trend-Jacker
  • Leverage Facebook
  • Hack YouTube
  • Grow a Following on Instagram
  • Get Leads on LinkedIn
  • Finally Make Twitter Useful
  • Drive Visitors From Yelp

...Even Craigslist (and So Much More)!

From start to finish, I’ll work with you the entire time to help you master Free Traffic. This is the only program like this online. Which, brings us to...

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Every Day You Wait, Someone Else is
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I’ll show you every single thing you need to do to make a respectable living with Free Traffic. Whether you're starting from scratch or you want to grow your existing business - what you’ll learn will help with both.

There’s nothing to “figure out” because I show you EVERYTHING:

Module #1: The Power of Free Traffic

My Rags to Riches Story

Mindset - Stop Making Excuses

The Possibilities Of Mastering Free Traffic

Free Traffic Vs Investment Traffic

How to Monetize All Of This

Module #2: Starting SEO

Choose a name/purchase a domain

Set Up a Website With Wordpress Part 1

Set Up a Website With Wordpress Part 2

How To Quickly Get Content On Your Website

What Is A SERP?

What Is Anchor Text?

Starting SEO

Module #3: Social Media & SEO

Make Your Business Real

Set Up Your Facebook Page

Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Set up ______ Profile

Logos & Social Media Covers

Module #4: Advanced SEO

What is Nap?

Set up Google My Business

How to Get 75 Social Media Accounts

Traffic, Click, and Search

Search Console

Google Analytics

What Are Bots?

Grading Websites

How Do We Find Keyword Traffic?

Module #5: Video Marketing 101

YouTube Channel

Upload YouTube Video

The Power of YouTube

On Page YouTube SEO

Off Page YouTube SEO

YouTube Shortcuts

Module #6: Social Media 101

The Power Of Social Media

Mindset - The Importance Of Focus (Don’t try to do every social media platform at once)

Facebook Strategies

Twitter Strategies

Instagram Strategies

LinkedIn Strategies

Best Social Media Tools Of 2017

Module #7: Additional Free Traffic Goldmines






Trendjacking (creating content around current events/hot topics)


Mindset - Don’t Wait To Take Action

Module #8: What's Next + Certification

Get Certified

Get access to a 2nd In-Depth Coaching Call (Weekly)!

Plus...LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls
With Me (Kotton Grammer)...

The tactics you’ll discover in the course and LIVE coaching calls will help you make a living in any niche or industry. I know because I’ve done it myself in several industries, and have taught a small handful of others how to do it too.

But now - it’s your turn.

Reaching Personal Independence
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If you’re dead serious about using free traffic to get clients, build a business, or grow your existing business, I want to invite you to take the next step.

We need some more info from you to help us determine together if this is a good fit for you and your situation. If we like what we see, we’ll set up a phone call and talk further.

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